Tips to Find the Best Car Insurance Rates

Searching for the best car insurance rates can seem overwhelming to many consumers. Insurance companies factor in many variables such as credit scores, driving records, make and model of the vehicle, your number of years behind the wheel and much more to determine the cost of your insurance premiums however they are several steps every consumer should take to improve their odds of finding the best insurance premiums available.

First, you should know what factors will negatively affect you (increase your premiums). Factors such as a poor driving history including accidents, moving violations, drivers license suspension, poor credit scores or even simply the ownership of a vehicle considered to be risky (sports cars for example) will all increase your insurance premiums.

The key to finding good car insurance rates is to take steps outside of just calling your local agent and use the internet as a resource to (a) find car insurance companies and (b) request auto insurance quotes. The top 4 steps every driver should take when searching for auto insurance are.

1. Always request 4 or more quotes from insurance companies so you can compare premiums, coverage and customer service side by side. Car insurance companies (much like any service provider in any industry) all have different formulas to calculate risk so many consumers often find vast difference in rates by simply comparing quotes. The trick is to request quotes – something many consumers still fail to do, even when the information is just a click or two away.

2. Google the terms “car insurance quotes” or “auto insurance quotes” and take advantage of the wealth of information available pertaining to car insurance. Spend a couple hours understanding what questions to ask and how other consumers are saving money using popular comparison sites. These sites often aggregate quotes from multiple insurance companies and compare rates side by side for you.

3. Ask about discounts. ASK is the key word. Are you a student? Are you an existing customer? Are you a senior citizen? Do other members of your family have policies with the same company? Clearly ask any potential company for the list of discounts they offer and then sit down, check the items pertaining to you and call them back for a quote.

4. Never take the first quote. This is the golden rule of anything in this world. Sure, the first quote can sometimes be the best however more often its not so as a consumer its your obligation to compare rates.

A worthy note to remember is the actual cost of an auto insurance policy is just one factor drivers should consider when search for an insurance company. Customer service, claims handling, policy coverage, company rating and many more variables can play just as equal or greater importance than cost so do your due diligence when shopping for car insurance

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